Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Night Out With Your Girls Look...

So, I was supposed to post this on Sunday, but I wasn't feeling well after I posted the video. It's a look for Valentine's Day, but you can use it whenever you want!! I'll post pictures soon & a list of the products that I used, as well! (I'm just lazy, HA!)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I recieved the prizes from Aquaheart's 500+ followers!!!

So, last week while I was at my best friend's house, I logged on to check out blogs. I was just skimming through the blogs & then read each & every one of them. I vaguely remember entering Aquaheart's 500+ blog followers contest, and I was actually going to just post a comment on her blog where she announced the winners. As I was reading, I saw my name!! I was shocked!! I KNOW her other followers entered & it was random, so...

Thank you SOO MUCH, Stephanie!! We've only been conversing through Twitter for a short time & I'm glad to have met amazing people, such as yourself!!

Since I haven't really been blogging much (you can see why on my youtube channel), I took better pictures than seen on my twitpics. LOL Again, thank you!!!

 I forgot to add the lashes in this pix!! OOPS!

A cute little note at the top of the package.

Cute little box that was almost gushing out items!!
Here's what was inside!!

An awesome mirror, cuz I needed a new one!! LOL 

ELF Nail set :]