Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: The Lash Card

You know when you put mascara on & your arm slips & oops!! You got mascara on your eyelid!! Ugh!! Totally sucks, right?  Remember when I posted that video [skip to 5:14] where I'm using a business card to shield my makeup from getting mascara on it?  Well, someone actually came up with the idea to make it easier on us beauty junkies!! 

Lash Card was created by Alice K based off of the "business card trick" used by many makeup artists.  The Lash Card team launched the product on January 10, 2011! So, it's fairly new to the scene, but not the method of use. 

What exactly does the Lash Card help you with? 
1) Separating those lashes [Yup! It'll work with those who have used Maybelline's Falsies Mascara & thinks it clumps!!]
2) Ideal for layering mascara [Wonderful for girls like you & I who don't just put on one coat!!
3) Helps maximize your curls [I'm not sure about this one, yet. It depends on the mascara you're using.]
4) Great for getting those hard to reach lashes [DEFINITELY a plus!!]
5) Perfect for reapplying mascara throughout the day [It helps a lot!]

Each packet comes with 10 INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED cards! I love this idea because who wants to put a business card on their eye after it's been laying in a stranger's wallet for God knows how long, collecting dust? That is SO unsanitary! You can get an eye infection from that! 

Once you open one of these cards, you'll notice that the words are all written backwards. There's a purpose for that!! When you look in the mirror, the reflection of the letters will be read like it's written normally. Brilliant, right?! 

There are two curves on each card: one for small curved, more rounded eyes; the other for almond shaped, longer eyes. You can actually use a whole packet of these lovely cards for 20 uses!! One eye on each side, or one side for both eyes & use the other side the next day. Fortunately for me, both eye shapes can fit my eyes perfectly, I can us it 40 times!

- Super easy to use!! As long as you know how to use makeup, I'm sure you'll know how to use the Lash Card!
- Easier on makeup artists!! They won't have to keep cutting out the shape of someone's eye on a business card on the set. Plus, sometimes you might not have anything laying around that you can use.
- Up to 20 uses!! [Or if you're like me,  you can use it 40 times!!]
- Disposable!! After you're done, just throw it away!!
- 3-5 Day shipping!! Considering the fact that the company is based in Hawai`i, this is pretty good! 

What you'll get:
10 INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED Lash Cards for $5.99!!! Free shipping right now, too!! 

If for some reason you do not like the product [which I don't know why you won't like it], contact Lash Card & they'll give you your money back!

To purchase Lash Card, Go to:

I was sent two (2) Lash Card packets: one for me to review & the other to either give it to a friend, or to host a giveaway. Let me know if you'd like the chance to win one & I'll host a giveaway!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 08: A Photo That Makes You Laugh

I thought this was super hilarious when I was browsing through

I love Taylor Lautner & all, but HAHAHA!! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!!

New Zodiac Signs? Yeah..... RIGHT!!!

Photo credit goes to these sites correspondingly:

This is just my opinion on the "new zodiac sign" Ophiuchus. I can't pronounce this thing for the life of me, so it shouldn't be a new zodiac sign. HAHA I kid!!

Anyway, I'm not an astrologer, nor do I claim to be one, but this "new zodiac" is a fraud. If you've done your research, then you'd know what I'm talking about. Your Sun sign [Zodiac sign] is based on the day you were born & how the planets were aligned. The only time you're a different sign from when you're referring to a different planet sign or when you're referring to your ascending sign [my ascending sign is Scorpio].

For instance, your Sun sign can be Taurus, while your Saturn sign is Libra & your ascending sign is Aries. It all depends on the day AND time you were born & the place you were born [to determine your ascending sign].

Okay, back on track. All 12 signs are also constellations, as Ophiuchus is. If we were to add a constellation to the zodiac list, then ORION'S BELT, URSA MAJOR & URSA MINOR would also be zodiac signs, right? I mean, let's just add them in so there's 16 zodiac signs!!

The Earth has has always & will always be shifting it's rotation on its axis because of the fact that it's not a set axis. You know when your wheels on your car get missed aligned & ppl can fix it for you? Well, no one can really fix the Earth's alignment on its axis because that would take a HUGE machine & a few thousand of people & years to take to make the damn machine.

Hopefully I didn't bore you with all this & that you aren't thinking, "What the freak is she talking about? Where did she get all this information? And who does she think she is?" Like I said: I'm just sharing MY knowledge & research with you AND I'm no pro. I've read a few astrology books, & read information online.

With all this said, your zodiac sign is the same sign it's always been before January 13th, 2011!!  I'm a Cancer & will always be a Cancer.

What's your thoughts on this Ophiuchus fraud?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 07: Your Favorite Animal

This photo is a photo that my sister took.

As you can tell, my favorite animal is a dog. This photo is a picture of my Pitbull/Doberman named Chase. I miss him so much! I had to give him away a month after this photo was taken.

I was never a cat person, only because I couldn't have cats. My whole family is allergic to them. I love me some puppies!! I've always wanted a pug, though. Maybe when I get my own house [not rent a house or apartment], I'll get my pug!

Are you a puppy or a cat person?

Friday, January 14, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 06: Anything Hello Kitty

The image does not belong to me & I do NOT take credit for it. Click here for credit

Okay, I'm not a HUGE Hello Kitty fan & never really was one. I was more of a Pochacco & Pekkle fan, along with Batz Maru. Anyway, I was browsing through the 'Net & found this on EW!! It's a hideous wedding dress!! Totallly making me dislike Hello Kitty even more.

Who would actually wear this thing? Would you? Please tell me you answered NO! Lol

Thursday, January 13, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 05: Favorite Thing To Do

I love to read… It’s definitely one of my favorite past times. I love getting lost in someone else’s mind when reading.

Another thing is doing hair & makeup. The fact that it makes people look good on the outside & feel good on the inside makes me feel AMAZING :D

I learned how to knit 2-3 years ago from watching YouTube videos. Crazy, I know!! But it helps me relax when nothing else, including music.

Being on my phone, whether it’s texting, talking, or browsing on the internet. LOL!!!

Do we share the same interests?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 04: Your Favorite Foundation

I never only have one favorite everything, as you can tell by the other posts… LOL!
Anyway… I would add MAC Mineralized Satinfinish to this photo, but I don’t have any right now :[ So, these will do. LOL
I love the ColorStay for its coverage & staying power. I even made a eyeshadow primer from it :D I just don’t like the weight of it. It leaves my face matte & I like that. Dusting a translucent powder over it & you’re good to go!  It just  needs to be lighter in weight.
The weight of the PhotoReady is amazing!! Totally buildable coverage!! It leaves your face look like you have a healthy glow. Now, if ColorStay & PhotoReady had a baby w/what I love from each foundation, it would totally be MAC’s Mineralized SatinFinish!!
I like this Smooth Minerals one from Avon b/c it feels light, yet it has good coverage, as well. Totally buildable, like PhotoReady, but doesn’t give off the little speckles of glitter like PhotoReady. Instead, it makes your face look dewy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 03: Your Favorite Brush

 From left to right in the picture above: 
StudioTools Dual-Finish Brush, mark Concealer Brush, e.l.f. Eyeshadow “C” Brush, 
MAC 224, MAC 217 & Avon Bent Eyeliner Brush.

I have more than ONE favorite brush. LOL!!  

I like my StuidoTools stippling brush better than MAC’s 187 b/c the white fibers are shorter & perfect for stippling. It’s much sturdy than the 187.

I’ve only used one other concealer brush than my mark concealer brush before & it’s the one in the Sonia Kashuk kit. That brush died sometime last year, but good thing my mom is an Avon rep! I got my hands on this awesome concealer brush! It packs on just the right amount of concealer when I dab the brush in my concealer.

The e.l.f “c” brush is PERFECT for using it as a highlighter under your brow bone! It’s super dense, but soft.

My MAC brushes… I just love them for blending. That’s all.. :D

The Avon Bent liner brush is the best liner brush ever. I bought 2 of them for $.99/each. Compared that to Sonia Kashuk’s bent liner brush at $5.99/each!!! It just sucks that Avon discontinued them. Well, that’s from what I hear. I use one for when I apply my false lashes & the other for gel liner.

What are your favorite brushes?

Monday, January 10, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 02: Your Favorite Bag

I have two that are my favorites. Right now the bag that I’ve been using every day is the bag that my friend gave me. It’s from Vera Wang’s Simply Vera collection. I also have this tan & brown one that I use for my knitting projects b/c it’s big enough to use :D They both do its job by holding EVERYTHING in there—and I mean EVERYTHING…  The only thing is, I can never find what I’m looking for. I think I’m going to have to get me one of those bag organizer things… Do they even make the ones for BIG bags?

Testing... Testing..

I'm just checking to see if this email flogging works. If it does, then "Hey!" :)

Sunday, January 09, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 01: Your Favorite Eyeliner

My favorite eyeliner, huh?  I’ve used a lot in my past. I think my first one was those Revlon ones that were red & had a red cap. I can’t find a picture online, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, here are my favorite liners!!

Pencil: Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner -- I love this product for m waterline & tight line. I don't have to put shadow to set it or anything! It'll just stay put. It doesn't smudge either.

Liquid: L’Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Liner -- I was very hesitant when I heard about this eyeliner & was looking for reviews about it. There were mixed reviews, but mainly good ones. So, I decided to give it a try. I'm the type to try ANYTHING once. My initial reaction, "WOAH!! But let's see if it'll last all day." It did last all day. I just don't like the felt tip applicator. Now, if only it was the brush of the NYC Liquid liner, then we can be best friends.
Gel Liner: Mac FluidLine --When I don't reach for my liquid liner, I reach for this bad boy. It's great to use as a base for dark shadows. ESPECIALLY if you're doing the smokey eye. Make sure to set this with black eyeshadow for staying power, or else you'll be looking like a raccoon!

30 Day Beauty Blog Challenge... Who's up for it?!

So, I’ve decided to join the blog bandwagon & participate in the 30-Day Challenge. I got this from If you’ve been hiding under a rock & don’t know what it is, it’s a challenge where you write in your blog for 30 days straight. You get a topic for each day. The next post will be the start of the challenge.  If you’d like to participate, I posted all of the blog topics below!! Leave your blog link in the comment box & I’ll check it out!!!

Day 01 — Your favorite eyeliner
Day 02 — Your favorite bag that you own
Day 03 — Your favorite brush
Day 04 — Your favorite foundation
Day 05 — Your favorite thing to do
Day 06 — Anything Hello Kitty
Day 07 — Your Favorite animal
Day 08 — A photo that makes you laugh
Day 09 — Your favorite pair of shoes
Day 10 — Current fashion/style you like
Day 11 — Bag you want to have
Day 12 — Your Favorite color
Day 13 — Photo of your fashion/style icon
Day 14 — Photo of a hairstyle/haircut you'd like to have
Day 15 — Photo of your favorite bracelet
Day 16 — Music you like
Day 17 — Fashion Pieces that's on your to-buy list
Day 18 — Your favorite beauty guru
Day 19 — Your favorite look from a beauty guru
Day 20 — Your favorite mascara
Day 21 — Your favorite lip stick
Day 22 — What makes you happy
Day 23 — Place where you want to live
Day 24 — Your favorite food
Day 25 — What do you want to get from luux
Day 26 — An Item from your wishlist
Day 27 — Your favorite skincare product
Day 28 — Your favorite drink
Day 29 — Photo of something that makes you go awww
Day 30 — Your favorite nail polish

If you haven’t joined LUUUX, you’re missing out!! It’s an online community for everything including makeup, food, entertainment, technology & everything else in between!
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