Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: The Lash Card

You know when you put mascara on & your arm slips & oops!! You got mascara on your eyelid!! Ugh!! Totally sucks, right?  Remember when I posted that video [skip to 5:14] where I'm using a business card to shield my makeup from getting mascara on it?  Well, someone actually came up with the idea to make it easier on us beauty junkies!! 

Lash Card was created by Alice K based off of the "business card trick" used by many makeup artists.  The Lash Card team launched the product on January 10, 2011! So, it's fairly new to the scene, but not the method of use. 

What exactly does the Lash Card help you with? 
1) Separating those lashes [Yup! It'll work with those who have used Maybelline's Falsies Mascara & thinks it clumps!!]
2) Ideal for layering mascara [Wonderful for girls like you & I who don't just put on one coat!!
3) Helps maximize your curls [I'm not sure about this one, yet. It depends on the mascara you're using.]
4) Great for getting those hard to reach lashes [DEFINITELY a plus!!]
5) Perfect for reapplying mascara throughout the day [It helps a lot!]

Each packet comes with 10 INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED cards! I love this idea because who wants to put a business card on their eye after it's been laying in a stranger's wallet for God knows how long, collecting dust? That is SO unsanitary! You can get an eye infection from that! 

Once you open one of these cards, you'll notice that the words are all written backwards. There's a purpose for that!! When you look in the mirror, the reflection of the letters will be read like it's written normally. Brilliant, right?! 

There are two curves on each card: one for small curved, more rounded eyes; the other for almond shaped, longer eyes. You can actually use a whole packet of these lovely cards for 20 uses!! One eye on each side, or one side for both eyes & use the other side the next day. Fortunately for me, both eye shapes can fit my eyes perfectly, I can us it 40 times!

- Super easy to use!! As long as you know how to use makeup, I'm sure you'll know how to use the Lash Card!
- Easier on makeup artists!! They won't have to keep cutting out the shape of someone's eye on a business card on the set. Plus, sometimes you might not have anything laying around that you can use.
- Up to 20 uses!! [Or if you're like me,  you can use it 40 times!!]
- Disposable!! After you're done, just throw it away!!
- 3-5 Day shipping!! Considering the fact that the company is based in Hawai`i, this is pretty good! 

What you'll get:
10 INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED Lash Cards for $5.99!!! Free shipping right now, too!! 

If for some reason you do not like the product [which I don't know why you won't like it], contact Lash Card & they'll give you your money back!

To purchase Lash Card, Go to:

I was sent two (2) Lash Card packets: one for me to review & the other to either give it to a friend, or to host a giveaway. Let me know if you'd like the chance to win one & I'll host a giveaway!

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