Tuesday, January 11, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 03: Your Favorite Brush

 From left to right in the picture above: 
StudioTools Dual-Finish Brush, mark Concealer Brush, e.l.f. Eyeshadow “C” Brush, 
MAC 224, MAC 217 & Avon Bent Eyeliner Brush.

I have more than ONE favorite brush. LOL!!  

I like my StuidoTools stippling brush better than MAC’s 187 b/c the white fibers are shorter & perfect for stippling. It’s much sturdy than the 187.

I’ve only used one other concealer brush than my mark concealer brush before & it’s the one in the Sonia Kashuk kit. That brush died sometime last year, but good thing my mom is an Avon rep! I got my hands on this awesome concealer brush! It packs on just the right amount of concealer when I dab the brush in my concealer.

The e.l.f “c” brush is PERFECT for using it as a highlighter under your brow bone! It’s super dense, but soft.

My MAC brushes… I just love them for blending. That’s all.. :D

The Avon Bent liner brush is the best liner brush ever. I bought 2 of them for $.99/each. Compared that to Sonia Kashuk’s bent liner brush at $5.99/each!!! It just sucks that Avon discontinued them. Well, that’s from what I hear. I use one for when I apply my false lashes & the other for gel liner.

What are your favorite brushes?

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