Friday, June 11, 2010

Unconditional love

This photo was taken on my 1st birthday, which was about 26 yrs ago (do the math). The lady holding me is the most beautiful, inspirational, loving, hilarious person I've ever known in my life... My mother.

My mom is a single mother & raised 3 girls to adult hood with the help of my grandmother & aunts. Mine & my sisters relationship with our mom wasn't your Gilmore Girls kind... Not even close to it, until recently.

I was never really the type of girl growing up to run to her mom when I had problems or anything. Instead I would turn to drugs, alcohol & the "bad girl club" with my friends (which started in middle school). I thought this was a way to get attention from my mom. It was, but not in the good way. I could never run to her when I got my first bf, first kiss, or when I had questions about sex.

I never really told my mom about my past relationships with the guys or girls, except recently. I told my mom about Rob. Why!? I have no clue! Haha!

Yesterday (06/10) mom turned 61. Yup! That's right! She's passed her 60's. To be honest, she still looks like she can be in her late 40s-early 50s.

Mom, thank you for everything you sacrificed for us. For everything you couldn't give and everything you could give to us. I really wish I could turn back time to fix our relationship, but I like our relationship now. <3
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liloo said...

Thx for sharing this beautifull moment, lots of love