Friday, December 04, 2009

All I want for Christmas....

I know a few of my friends & family are going to be asking for what I want this year. So, I did my research... and I have a list of what I want for Christmas. I ALWAYS make this list! HAHA

- Gift Cards from: MAC, Sephora, ULTA, Love Culture, Target, [my wishlist is here],, American Apparel,,, Visa Gift Card, Best Buy,, Sally Beauty Supply, Satomi Sushi [in Fremont],, Michael's Craftstore, Boiling Crab
- Sigma Brushes from
Face or Eyes Kit
- Coastal Scents palettes from
Creative Me #1 Palette or Contour & Blush Palette
- Whipped Cream from [8 oz container]
In these scents: Sugar Baby, Creme Brulee, Grapefruit Twist, Sugared Sand, or Mango Sorbet
- Elixir Acoustic Guitar strings
- Ukulele

Yeah yeah yeah, I know!! super detail, right? Oh well, get over it. ;]


K&T Makeup Artistry said...

LOL its a shame that I want a lot of things off your list as well LOL

Ste7en said...

elixirs are the sex.