Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I just got Bitch Slap`d!!

Lol JK! Well, not really jk`ing, but you know what I mean!
On Friday afternoon while I was taking a power nap, my niece wakes me up saying I have a "special mail"!! I was like, "Huh? Yeah, I'll get it later."
Nevaeh: "No! I have it here! LOOK!!"
Me: "Uh huh.. okay, see you later."
Nevaeh: "AUNTIE!!! GET UP... NOW!!!"
Me: "Just open it for me."
Nevaeh: "But Auntie! I don't want to break anything! And plus, it's not mine, it's yours!!! NOW GET UP & OPEN IT!"
Me: "UGH!! FINE!! *rolls off the couch* Gimme!"

Paint Wheels: Blue Eyed Bitch, Jealous Bitch & Crazy Bitch.
High Definition Loose Paint: Hottest Bitch

And I look who it's from.. YAY!! I got something from Twinnie, Mellie [youtube here|blog here]!!

Yes, I already used it before I took a photo of it =X I used the dark blue in the Blue Eyed Bitch wet as an eyeliner... so that's why it looks like that. But man!! All I've been sporting this weekend since I got it was Bitch Slap!! Well, I haven't used the Jealous Bitch paintwheel, yet.. but I probably will soon!!

Twinnie, I'm glad you like your package that I sent you!! I'm really TRULY grateful that I have you to share makeup tips, relationship issues, advice, & just GOSSIP with!!! It's hard to trust people these days & I'm glad I have you, the MUBs/FEXIs in my life!! Thank you!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!


Mellie said...

I'm glad you liked it, Twinnie! It's definitely a lot of fun to work with and I'm for SURE glad we're Twinnies. :D <3333

Msz Trin. ♥ said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the paintwheels! :]
Nice gift! <3 Can't wait to see some looks you come up with!

Mz. More said...

These look sooooo cool! I can't wait to see some FOTDs :)

Ayse said...

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