Friday, January 08, 2010

A week into the new year....

So, I've been meaning to blog about the new year/past year.... But, I've been emotionally... BUSY?
As I get older, I noticed that the years come and go.  I wouldn't say that this past year wasn't "wasted", but a big portion of the year went wasted. I met a lot of new people that I thought I could trust, and got reunited with old friends & also, reconnected w/ my best friend.
Most of my year was spent on twitter,,, youtube & every other makeup community you can think of. HAHA!! I'm REALLY glad that I finally got into my new passion for makeup, b/c if that never happened, I wouldn't have met a whole bunch of AH-MAZE-ING people :] (MUBs & FEXIs) They're the most inspirational, motivational, down-for-you kind of folks! The people that you NEED in your life.
A couple months was spent working for a network marketing company. That didn't go so well, obviously since I don't work for the company anymore. I met a lot of cool people through that company, but haven't really kept in touch with them since I left. Oh well! =X But, the good thing about that era of last year, my best friend & I became best friends again! (Long story.. don't ask!)
Toward the end of the year, I reconnected with some old friends... Which was cool...
I should be in Vegas, but nope, not yet. LOL Will be there SOON!!! I need to get out of Cali!! Causing too much drama here!! Well, I'm not. There's just way too much shit!!
So yeah, that's my past year.. in a quick one. I'll post my top 10 fave products of 2009... soon!! I swear!

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