Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Real Deal Reviews' 50+ Follower Giveaway!!

So, I was looking thru the blogs that I follow & I saw that The Real Deal Reviews is having a giveaway for her followers!! Congrats, hun on hitting 50 followers!! It may not seem like a lot for MOST ppl around, but it is for some of us :] Congrats again!! You can enter her giveaway here!!

"What is she giving away?", you ask?! Let me tell you.. if you're lazy to click on the link above (which you're going to have to click on it anyway, b/c that's how you enter!!)

She's giving away the Urban Decay Show Pony Shadow Box. There are 6 shadows in the shadow box, and they are:  Snatch, Mildew, Flash, Painkiller, Smog, and Toasted. Also, it includes: a 24/7 Liner in Zero, and a Mini Primer Potion.

All the rules to how to win are in her post. Don't forget to follow her blog!! It's free!! :] Trust me!


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Ann said...

Thanks for posting my giveaway and following!